#33- Public Speaking

Somewhere down the line, I think in college, I outgrew my fear of public speaking.  I rather enjoy it, actually, if it’s on one of my favorite topics.  When I made this list back in the beginning of the year, I was hoping to have some sort of Rockstar career at this point where I’d be bestowing my wealth of knowledge to the masses here on the Coastside.  But, babies and maternity leave and sparse populations are something I didn’t really consider.

But as I sat here and reflected on what I’ve done so far, and what I still needed to accomplish, it dawned on me that I DID give a speech this year (#33 on my list)!

Not at all planned, a little spontaneous and a lot of fun, this is the story: Natalie’s Preschool lost their teacher to a move across country and since my School District job is one of those part-time, make your own schedule and work where you want to work deals, I offered my services to them until Holly was born. During this time, the Preschool held their annual Preschool Graduation- where I found myself being asked to plan and give a presentation.

So, I did just that.

Naturally, the speech combined a few of my most favorite issues: Children and literacy.  I had been reading a HILARIOUS book to the kids during group times- “STUCK” by Oliver Jeffers, and we decided to act it out for everyone in attendance. If you haven’t seen or read the book, you MUST put it on your Christmas Wish list for the kids.  I love reading, not just to kids but to any group of people.  I’ve done it plenty of times in my college courses, my staff meetings, visits to the Senior Center.  People love story times.

Anyway, after introducing the children who were graduating, speaking a little bit about what we had been doing in the classroom and why this book was special to us, we acted it out and then presented certificates.  It was a very fun time 🙂

I didn’t think to take pictures at the time, or have someone take pictures for me. So, I had to back track a bit to find some that would work for this blog.  You’d think with all the parents there I’d have a huge selection to choose from!  But since I was there for only a short time, I didn’t have too many permanent connections with them, so I am thankful to the parents who were able to email some my way.

Captive Audience?

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