#25- Listening to the King

B.B. King Mondavi UC Davis

No Cameras allowed, so yet another iphone photo to document…. boooo

Two years ago my sister-in-law graduated from UC Davis and the ceremony was held inside the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts.  It’s already a gorgeous facility in itself, but the moment I heard the Bagpipes play, I knew I needed to come back for a live show (#25).  It was majestic! I will never even attempt to understand the science behind engineering a auditorium in order to best suit the sound of music, but I will say that the Mondavi Center spared no expense in mastering this, and it proved itself again last Sunday night when we attending B.B. King’s concert.

We couldn’t have chosen a better show in my opinion.  There are hundreds of reasons why I adore B.B. King.  On weekends when I was a kid, my dad would blast his blues music throughout the house as he worked outside on the yard.  We knew it was a good day when King was singing.

The man is 87 years old!  I had no idea.  His singing seemed so effortless, from the very second he wailed his first lyric.  I began thinking it was one of those situations where I could die peacefully listening.  Despite all the talent shows we have on T.V. these days, I honestly don’t think many of those people have much to compare against King.

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