#63- Bourbon & Branch

Bourbon & Branch was stop # 2 on our Date Night, and # 63 on my Bucket List.  For anyone who is looking for an awesome Prohibition-Style, A+ Speakeasy… this is your destination vacation!  It was so true to form I found it a bit ridiculous, but in a good way.

Bourbon & Branch San Francisco Speakeasy

The Entrance

For starters, you need to make reservations ahead of time and get a password, which you must “whisper” to the hostess at the door in order to get in.  There are a list of house rules, which include no photography… so I felt weirdly nervous when Blake started ‘sneaking’  a few shots with the camera. I didn’t want to get kicked out! The inside is gorgeous from the velvet wallpaper to distressed hardwood tables & booths.  The ambiance overall is very sultry & a bit naughty.

Bourbon & Branch San Francisco SF Speakeasy

Bourbon & Branch San Francisco Speak Easy

What I really liked about this place is how obvious the proprietors and staff truly care and invest in the experience customers have.  Our waitress was very well versed in every selection on the menu, knew the ins & outs of the different spirits and made recommendations, which turned out to be excellent.  I ordered the Cucumber Gimlet, as recommended by Yelpers followed by the French 75, as recommended by our waitress.  Both were smooth as …. well I don’t have an accurate comparison, but I will say the cocktails were so perfectly mixed I felt like I was sipping on my most favorite summer drink.  I even liked Blake’s drink orders, which is a testament to their goodness because he loves his stiff drinks and I never have until Bourbon & Branch made them.

I’d like to go back sometime, and I would recommend it to anyone who finds the Prohibition Era & Speakeasy life style appealing.  Tho do take your phone or a small flashlight with you for restroom use-  Even the lights in there are so dim you can’t see the toilet, which is brilliantly painted black. hm.

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