#52- Something something Punchline

Punchline San Francisco

Headed in

It’s been maybe a decade since I’ve attended a live comedy show.  Not sure why it’s been so long, since the cost is equivalent to a movie pass these days, and you’re almost guaranteed a lot more laughs for the same amount of time spent in a movie theatre.  But I realized I needed a good laugh, so this was #52 on my list.

We had 4 comedians total, with the headliner being Dan Mintz.  You could google him yourself to see all his accolades, but it wound up not meaning much to us, as we found his humor to be pretty … unhumorous. Or at the very least, not our style in the slightest.  I didn’t ever think to analyze a comedian until that moment, to try and figure out why he didn’t appeal to me.  He was nothing but one liners after one liners that were obviously completely made up because he went from talking about his girlfriend to talking about his wife to talking about being a virgin to talking about his grown kids.

On the flip side, there was the opening act from Sacramento who was very relatable with his bit, because the stories he told were current. Current and something we had also experienced (like Obama’s daily emails). Hysterical!

Anyway, 3 out of 4 isn’t bad, and I wouldn’t mind doing comedy clubs more often, it’s worth the ticket price in my book!

One thought on “#52- Something something Punchline

  1. Laughing really is medicinal! We went on a ‘Comedy Cruise’ for a week and never laughed so hard but mostly because the main guy (mail man on Seinfeld) was wildly funny about what we were experiencing on the ship–like having the shower curtain stick to your body or getting lost on the zillion stairs. But the best comedian ever–and I’ve seen him live twice–is Bill Cosby. Just great, clean hilarious story telling. Still enjoy remembering…

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