#82- Welcome to Fort CCP!

Natalie has taken it upon herself to build plenty of mini-forts in our living room, as I am sure many of us did when we were kids.  But, even when I was a kid…. I was never FULLY satisfied with the Fort I built.  It was usually too small, the blankets would keep falling down, or my parents would start nagging that they needed their living room back. I figured Natalie felt the same, since most of her fort building moments ended in tears or disappointment.  What to do, what to do?

When I was considering how to go about # 82 (Build an elaborate Blanket Fort with Natalie) I realized I could not do this alone, with just me and her and our small collection of oversized blankets. It just would not be as fantabulous.  At first, I tried to enlist the help of my girlfriends, who loved the idea but rarely got back to me on dates & logistics.  That’s a big problem for me, only because I have a deadline here!  Where do I turn to next?  Where might I find a group of contained children with blankets to spare and parents just as enthusiastic?  Natalie’s Preschool of course…..

It didn’t take much convincing, actually it didn’t take ANY convincing with the teachers to pull this off.  First, I’m pretty persistent.  Second, I’m a Preschool Teacher by trade so they know that I know what I’m doing.  With the help of CCP HMB’s Site Supervisor, we emailed all the parents and hit them up with reminders to bring in their largest blanket to borrow for this creation.

I spun a web around the playground using some donated heavy duty twine, which was fun in itself.    Then, 60 blankets and 200 clothespins later, we had a HUMONGOUS fort!  The kids loved it!  And I have to say, I am now very much satisfied with my fort-making abilities 🙂


3 thoughts on “#82- Welcome to Fort CCP!

  1. I busted out in laughter with the first picture! Never again will you have so much fun with life as you do while you are paraenting little ones! Absolutely great creativity and definitely one for the memory banks.

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