#57- Gerbera Daisies like cold weather, right?

Somedays, Heather and I seem night and day from each other.  She, a flaming liberal Nurse living in sub-zero temperatures in Minnesota. Appearance including dreadlocks and ornamental live cats. Me…. the opposite.  But, then there are moments that prove we are soulmates, like ranting about the Satan-inspired Homeowners Association on Facebook. Or, like showing up to our Senior Ball unknowingly wearing the same thrift-shop Chinese Dress get-up….  

Heather, Eric (her date) and me!

Naturally, when it came time to write this blog I wanted to post a photo of us in our prime, middle school glory days, when we first met.  But after rifling thru all my photos, I found some of her, but none of me AND her.  How could this be? I immediately demanded Heather go thru her pictures and email me one… but she came up with nothing as well. So strange. So soulmate. ha!

Anyway, the purpose of this blog is #57 on my list- send an old friend some flowers.  I hemmed and hawed over this one for…. 10 months.  Heather and I talk at least once a month by phone, sometimes more.  Recently, so many wonderful things have been falling into place for her and her husband, and I found myself randomly putzing around my home smiling when thinking of how happy I was for them. That’s when it dawned on me- HEATHER is who I want to send flowers to! And, it was even a small adventure cause she’s out in Minnesota, and I have no idea who’s a good florist and how her workplace (a hospital) handles flowers. I assumed it was be easy, and luckily Heather was surprised at work the same day I called and placed the order.

Greetings from Minnesota!

So, I called her hospital to double check their procedures and then Yelped a good Florist nearby. I also prank-dialed her house a few times to make sure she wasn’t home. hehe.

I love you Heather!  Can’t wait to see you in December 🙂

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