Things I Won’t be Doing

As I mentioned at the start of this challenge, I wasn’t sure how many, or how possible it would be to accomplish every one of my 100 items.  It has always been about having fun trying and I have thoroughly enjoyed my bucket list for 2012.  I think a lot about doing one for every year, tho I think it would be hard to come up with 100 new items.  Maybe I’ll cut it down to 50 REALLY good ones.  It’s something I am considering…

With this being said, I thought I’d take a blog to document about a few tasks I know I won’t accomplish this year,tho that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried.

#11- Apply for a Doctorate Program

This has been a long term goal for me since high school, so the fact that I wasn’t able to accomplish the application part hasn’t really deterred me. I did a lot of research in to it, met with a few “higher-ups” at UCD and Berkeley and laid the process all out in front of me.  In doing so, I learned that this Academic path is ideal for an extremely driven student, who has put it as a number one priority before marriage and kids. I don’t say this in a negative way, nor do I mean to say it can’t be done by someone like me. However, the Doctorate Programs I looked into ask that their students work and study as a full time, 50 hour a week job, but with little-to-no pay and extremely limited opportunities for grants and scholarships.  All of this, plus a $15,000 yearly tuition (roughly), with a promise of being done in 4 years. I couldn’t fathom putting my family into that kind of debt, and into that kind of lifestyle.  So, no, not for me at this time. And because of this, I opted to not apply.

#30- Kayak Santa Cruz Island

Silly me. I thought the Santa Cruz Island was near Santa Cruz. A tad embarrassed I didn’t know my California geography that well, but in my defense there ARE islands around here that you can see from the coastline on a clear day.  But, the Santa Cruz Islands are much further South, and was never a high priority for me.  Not to mention the cost, plus factoring a full day’s travel out to the island and back.  No thank you!

#73. Watch Samantha Poeppelman in one of her games

The Poeppelman Family, is one of my most favorite families that have passed through my classroom, 7 years ago.  Having had some education in the issues young girls face today, I have always been deeply impressed and in awe of how Timi & Rick could raise such well-rounded, confident, smart and beautiful girls.  Not that I would think Timi would say it was easy, but Samantha and Jessica (from my perspective and from my time spent with them in the past) seem to have so gracefully risen above some of the cattiness and craziness that comes from being a girl. From the outside looking in, I can only hope I raise my girls to be similar. Anyway, one of Samantha’s many talents is soccer & volleyball, and on numerous occasions Timi invited me out to watch, but I was always busy! One opportunity came along when her Soccer Team played Dixon on a day I would be in town, but I literally had about 4 other events already scheduled.  What about Volleyball? I ask. “I am not playing volleyball this year. I have kinda a crazy schedule, I am taking 4 AP classes and I am in student govenment, so I don’t have much time for anything else:)” Is her reply back.  How can you be mad at this girl? One day I’ll get out there Sam, I promise…

#80. Attend Cirque De Soleil’s Totem show

Ariann & I saw Cirque De Soleil’s Zumanity show in Vegas two years ago, and it was amazingly awesome!  When I saw the ads for Totem being in San Jose, I knew I wanted to go.  I attempted to coordinate a girls night, but it didn’t really come together.  Then the show left San Jose, with no plans to come back to the area. I did check their schefule every few weeks as they added more dates, but nothing else came close to this direction.  And I didn’t really want to budget flying anywhere to see them. I’m not that fancy.

I recommend everyone reading this make a bucket list, but with a deadline!  Blogging it has really helped keep me focused and accountable. I mean, I don’t want to make big promises or set crazy goals and profess them to 600 of my closest friends and then fail to deliver, right?  I’m not a politician here. I’d like to keep my word with you all, and most importantly, me.

Thank you for reading, and sticking with me this far.  I got two more months to go!

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