#66- Checked Out

I have many fond memories of time spent at the library when I was very young (preschool years).  I clearly remember what the Fairfield City Library looked like in the early 80’s, tho I haven’t been back to see if it has ever remodeled. I’m sure it has.  I remember the bean bags in the kids section.  I even remember exactly where on the shelves I could find my favorite books.  I remember the little ticking number counter at the entrance of the library, that would track how many visitors walked through the metal detector gates.  I remember my library card with my name, and I remember the process for checking books out, and even the little beeping noise as the librarian scanned the book.

After moving from Fairfield to Dixon, I can’t say I ever spent any substantial amount at a library ever since, except to maybe study during my college years. But, I’ve always loved the library and began going back after I had Natalie, for the lively story reading hour.  When we moved to HMB and I was looking for things to keep Natalie busy, we started doing the storytimes here as well.  I really like the HMB library, and each time we went I promised myself I would one day soon get a card for me & the girls and introduce Natalie to the same things I loved as a 4 year old (#66- check a book out from the Library).  I thought it was a very simple way to support public funding of education and literacy.

When I finally got around to remembering my proper ID (and proof of address) we signed up and checked out three books.  Interestingly enough, they are spanish picture books for Natalie.  While we were there, Natalie got into a conversation with a young boy who only spoke Spanish.  This reminded Natalie that she wanted to learn Spanish to talk to her BFF Daisy at preschool.  So she asked if I would choose books for her in Spanish so she could practice.  (Tho we all know it takes a little more than this, but I like that she wants to try).

We checked out Ramon Preocupon, No Dejes que la Paloma Conduzca el Autobus! and Se Venden Gorras.  All just as delightful in Espanol as they are in English 😉   The check out process is quite technological these days, with me doing a self-check out where I just scan my card and then scan my books.  It then emails me my receipt.  I kind of missed the somewhat scary experience of facing down the Librarian with my choices, but it is what it is!

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