#64- Pierced

I don’t really have anything remarkable to say about my motivation for wanting to pierce my ears again.  I first got them pierced when I was 5, and then again two more times in college- totaling 3 holes in each ear.  Well, the third piercings always appeared uneven and not well spaced from the other two piercings so I let that one close up, but I was always a little disappointed. I kept saying one day I would get it re done: #64.

I met up with my old co-worker Leslie, who’s a great cheerleader and so funny!  I always love hanging out with her. And she’s getting quite good at picture taking these days, so I enlisted her help in documenting this little excursion. I also tried to get my 4 year old to come with, since ear piercing is on her radar and something she keeps asking about, but hasn’t worked up the bravery just yet.  I thought it’d help if she watched me go thru with it.  I had actually forgotten how much it DOESN’T hurt.  I didn’t even realize the girl had pierced my ear already- Leslie is my witness.


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