#9- A Possible Green Thumb

Sometimes I feel like what should be an easy task, never is. For me.  Like this Garden project.  I love gardening, and have been quite successful (see reference [ here ], [ here ], and [ here ]!) in the past. But, seeing as we now live in an entirely new climate, the comfort of looking out around the Sacramento Valley and knowing exactly what can grow and harvest when,… is now gone.  So, you think, “But Dannah, we’ve seen pictures of your neighborhood farms, can’t you just do the same thing?”  Sure, but I think gardening is a science in itself.  Just because there is a brussel sprout farm down the road from me, doesn’t mean I can just drop that into my garden box and be just as successful. Not to mention, these farms usually GIVE us some of their harvest, so why grow more?

So, challenge number one:  What should I grow?

Challenge number two: Gophers. Moles. Abundance of wildlife wanting to enjoy my crops as much as I want to.  We already attract animals who want to eat our chickens. My compost dumpings into the garden boxes get turned up nightly by critters. The problem was partially solved when the government finally came out and removed their property, leaving me a huge concrete slab to work on top of.  So no underground burrowing, thankfully.

We are in the process of experimenting, I guess.  A good lesson for Natalie, ultimately.  What will grow, what will get eaten.  But, the bucket list item #9 says to merely START, which is what we’ve done!

2 thoughts on “#9- A Possible Green Thumb

  1. WOW you have certainly been busy lately – 3 posts in one day! I’ve enjoyed all your posts and I love the pictures. Natalie’s face watching the chicken pounce her garden box was priceless – should be framed!

  2. It’s cause the baby fell asleep, and thinking I only had an hour, I rushed thru dishes/laundry/cleaning and then she wound up sleep four hours straight! So I caught up on a few entries…. 🙂

    Those chickens love Natalie! They chase her, it’s so funny

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