#18- Wigs for Kids

The first time I donated my hair, I was 17 I think.  It wasn’t really the donating factor that motivated me, it was more of the shock and awe effect I got from showing up at school one day having axed 12 inches.  Then, I donated it again the second year of college…. I was working with some preschoolers at that time and the shock and awe effect (and subsequent charity lesson that followed) was fun to see on their faces as well.  Third time around, I was 25. I remember this one best because Blake proposed two days later and I was a little disappointed I wouldn’t have long hair to style on my wedding day. 4th time…. a few months after having Natalie and I no longer had time to do anything stylish.

Last week was donation #5 for me (and #18 on my bucket list), and I really hope my last time.  But what happens is I grow it a little past my shoulders, and then think to myself, “Why not? It’s for a good cause….” and then I have it sit around for another 3 inches before getting fed up and cutting it all off.

Now, the first four times I donated it to Locks Of Love, which is by far the more well known option.  But I usually receive a little postcard from them saying thank you, and this last time (the 4th time) I didn’t.  Which didn’t bother me THAT much, but it got me thinking I wanted to take a closer look again at their practices.  Well, come to find out Locks of Love isn’t all that great of an honest practice anymore.  Or ever were.  I guess they make the children apply for the wig, get letters of recommendation AND ultimately pay for the wig. And it’s only for children with a certain illness. Hm.

Wigs for Kids does not discriminate based on your income or your illness.  If you have a child who is sick and loses their hair as a result, Wigs for Kids looks to be your best bet.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…. donated hair can’t be colored hair, right?  This is true.  But I’ve always only done highlights to the top of my head, so we separated my hair in chunks so that the uncolored, natural hairs were banded together apart from the color-treated hair.

My dearest friend Gina, mentioned [ here ], cut my hair this time.  She’s by far the best hairdresser I know, tho since I’m not local to Suisun anymore, she only sporadically does my hair.  I have to say…. I don’t like having short hair.  Anything above my chin I think makes me look fat. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m still in the process of losing baby weight.  But I figure the short hair is a temporary thing for a good cause. It was great catching up with Gina.  There might not be a better way to visit with a good friend than to lock yourself in to a 3 hour hair appointment.

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