#54- Adventures in Real Estate

As I headed out on this adventure I was reminded of a scene from Sex & The City, where Carrie realizes her closet was full of $40,000 worth of shoes.  Standing in the middle of the shoe department, she hands the salesman several pairs of shoes to try on, and says to him “But under NO circumstances am I going to buy these shoes…. this is just for fun.”  To which the salesman replies, “Oh……how fun for me.”

Bill, my friend in Real Estate (cause EVERYone needs a friend in real estate) lined up a few houses to show me, ….for fun (#54- go house hunting for fun with Bill). I like looking at houses, but not the cookie cutter, new home development houses.  I LOVE custom homes, old homes, victorian homes, cracked-out foreclosure homes. Probably because I am nosy by nature, and love to see what people might have been thinking when living in their homes.  For example,

closet kitchenette

A kitchenette…. in your closet….

That’s right, when you’re hiding in your closet and don’t want to come out… or when the kitchen itself is to much of a workout to get to, a stovetop, fridge and sink in the master bedroom closet is a no-brainer.

bedroom loft

Every kid’s dream

Now, a custom-built in loft in the child’s bedroom is probably something I, too, will do when I have oodles of disposable income. Seriously, how bad ass is this?  You could make it a tiny reading lounge, dress up space, video game room….Now, if the kid is in trouble this would also be the perfect spot to hide out because it was a little bit of a workout to hoist myself thru. Note to designer: Kitchenette needed up there as well…..

When you have too much disposable income

When you have too much disposable income

Maybe it’s because I can’t afford this, that it grosses me out like it does. Cause I think, does someone really want to pay for this upkeep? Imagine the heating bill!  The gardening bill! The electricity bill!  I’m so anal about appearance and cleanliness that I’d probably drive myself insane just sweeping this walkway each day, or at least thinking about how it needs to be swept. The tinyhouse movement appeals to me more than it should (google it) hence this house was strictly for me to make fun of the ….

chandeliers pillars wasted space

50+ gaudy chandeliers, hollow metal pillars and wasted square footage

I started counting the chandeliers but gave up when I saw they were also hanging over each toilet, sink and in the coat closet.  The pillars made me laugh.  I don’t know if it’s common practice to do fake pillars, but I suppose if the original owner wanted, he could have forgo one of his garages (for his 9 cars) and gotten the real deal.

I told him to smile

I told him to smile

Also important to note is that Bill is an extremely popular guy.  His phone rang no less than 100 times in our short time, so I felt special that he took the time to show me around!    Thank you Bill, it was fun for me…. hopefully fun for you 🙂

Sidenote: this came close to my dream shower: Several nozzles, jacuzzi included…. but I need at least a curtain or door….  can’t imagine what the steam does to the bathroom walls…

shower jacuzzi

room for a party!

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