#2- I’m on a boat!

My Aunt and Uncle own a Sailboat.  To give a precise and brief history of their sailing life would be difficult for me, but I will say that the invite to go sailing with them has been on the table for many years, to which I, of course,  always replied, “Yes! I would love to!”

In fact, I think it was Dena’s invitation yet again during the holidays that partially inspired my Bucket List.  I had been thinking of what would be fun and challenging for 2012, and at the same time kept thinking of how many more times I would put Dena’s invite on the back burner before I actually did it. Then bam! it struck me that I needed to create a To-Do list that was a MUST Do list.

Dena emailed me two weeks ago telling me it was pretty much now or never…. They were going to be leaving the San Leandro Yacht Club and heading to Mexico. For Good. At least, that is the plan. So, I set my alarm and headed out across the bay this morning, to go sailing with my Aunt & Uncle on their boat (#2).

I learned so SO much on this trip. Their boat is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath luxury cruiseliner (tho one room acts as a ‘garage’ she says) that is comparable to your luxury fifth wheel in the camping world. I loved the idea of sailboat living! Except when using the boat as a way to get from San Fran to Cabo. As fun and adventurous as it was, it took 7  hours to get from San Leandro to Half Moon Bay (stopping point #1 for their boat). Definitely not time efficient!  But for those who love to sail, like my Aunt and Uncle do, this is part of the lifestyle.

The views of the bay were amazing! I have taken the ferry a time or two, but this time it seemed just a bit more fabulous to see the skyline, the bridges, the islands and other ships up close from a personal angle. Not to mention, this was real sailing, where at times the boat was practically lying on its side as the wind pushed us along. I felt suddenly all snazzy finally being on a boat… cause most of the times I’d only catch glimpses as I drove across the bridges and wonder who all those cool people were sailing down below.

Originally I thought this might be  a kick-yer-feet up, grab a beer and soak in the sun kind of excursion. Not the case in the Bay. Sailing is actual WORK, especially once you are out along the coast.  I consider myself moderately tough when it comes to motion sickness, and I did manage just fine overall, but there was one moment when I went down to use the restroom  and came back up feeling ill.  The pictures makes the water seem calm… but it wasn’t all that smooth!

But I think the best part was the uninterrupted  time I got with my Aunt, catching up and learning about her retired life and plans.  An ultimate goal for them is to sail thru Panama into the Carribean, where my ultimate goal is to join them again 🙂  Thank you Dena and Dale!

2 thoughts on “#2- I’m on a boat!

  1. It was a great adventure – lots of wind, then light wind, lots of waves, then soft waves, but we did have sunshine the entire time. Glad you finally made it out with us, and when you visit us next we will be in much warmer conditions!

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