#17- Train Town…Finally

Once upon a time, Tori & Dannah lived relatively close by to each other, and also had baby girls close in age together, so naturally playdates were on the agenda.  We took them to the Zoo, we took them to ArtBeast, to parades, to bouncetowns, to Fairytale towns, and we took them to wild life perserves.  But then Tori moved to Sonoma and I moved to the coast.  Playdates became a tad more difficult…

But they say the tenth time is the charm, right?  That’s about how many times Tori & I set a date to take our girls to Train Town in Sonoma, and when it finally happened there were babies & husbands in the mix as well.  This was another one of those “Hey, we should do this!” and I’m like, “Absolutely! That sounds like so much fun!” and then it gnaws at me until it actually happens…..  #17- “Visit Train Town in Sonoma with Tori & Kodi”

Train Town is actually a really adorable little theme park, perfect for the 3-8 year old kid.  Anyone older and you just become that annoying preteen hogging the playground.  Alternatively, we all agreed that the place would make for an awesome location of a Not-so-Sober Grad Night, Reunion or other adult-themed party that calls for rides and games on miniature -yet-life-like setups.

We went on a Monday, so it was nice and quiet, but a little hot.  Luckily a local Tasting Room was able to cool us down afterwards.

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