#51- The Work of Leslie Callan

I find myself to be very critical of artists, photographers, and ‘crafty people.’. I think there are very few people who are truly talented in this field, and I’m fortunate to know one of them- Leslie Callan. How I met Leslie is a great story in itself- but I’ll keep it short.  I went on a “date” with this guy out to a Davis bar where he ran into and introduced me to his friend Becca. Well, I fell in love with Becca (and quite clearly not the guy) and Becca and I became friends. Then, after a few more years Becca invited me to join her “book club” where the first one I attended was at Leslie’s place.

The second I entered Leslie’s home I fell in love AGAIN. This time with her art, her home decor, her photography.  I was blown away and so jealous. Leslie is amazingly talented and truly one of the most creative and artistic people I have the privilege of knowing.

Last summer I attended a gallery opening showcasing her work.  One of her pieces on display caught my eye and I snapped a shot of it with my phone, then saved it… thinking I’d like to one day buy it…. just not at that moment since it happened to be the same week we were moving & changing careers and what not and it didn’t seem like the ideal time to buy art. But it stuck with me when I made my Bucket list (#51), and until this summer when I emailed her asking about the piece.

I’m likely going to fiddle with how best to display this piece for months.  I did these birds but now I’m not sure I like it. I keep looking for sconces, but nothing I’ve come across so far appeals to me. Having something of Leslie’s on my wall is very humbling for me, just cause I admire her work so much, and she’s been nice enough to tolerate all my crazy ideas for not only this, but for photo shoots as well. I want it to be perfect, whatever I ultimately put up around it.

2 thoughts on “#51- The Work of Leslie Callan

  1. It looks so great! Thank you so much for being such a big supporter of mine and for buying this piece. I can’t tell you how good it feels to know my work is loved and appreciated in your home on display. It made my day to see this. And I love the birds!

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