#40- Live From New York!

For as far back as my earliest memory, I’ve been a Night Owl. I remember plenty of nights as a young child just staring up at the ceiling in my bedroom, listening to the television, or my parents’ conversations.  As I got older, I’d wait til I knew most people were asleep, and then I’d flick on my light and read my chapter books until sometimes 2 am.  Then, when I got older, say preteens, I’d live for Saturday Night Live.  Not a school night, and probably made up of the most hilarious cast to date- Will Ferrell, Chris Kattan, Tim Meadows, Tracy Morgan, Cheri Oteri, Molly Shannon…. it was GREAT.

So, when I was working at Borders during my early college years and saw that a history of Saturday Night Live had been written, I was stoked. I guess I should mention here that I am an avid reader, I collect, read and shelve my books like trophies. The Borders job was a natural fit…. but also, I’m not typically a fan of fictional work- I’ve always said with the time invested I want to learn something.  I love sociology books, history books, education books.  But about halfway through reading Live From New York, I got distracted and set it down…. never to really pick it back up again until 7 years later- this past month.  Unfinished books gnaw at me. Luckily I only have 1 or 2 hanging out.

The entire book is told by nothing more than direct quotes from my favorite actors, and not just from my teen years but from earlier as well. It’s fascinating to read.  I’ve never been even remotely close to interested in Television Production, Hollywood lifestyles, New York / NBC stuff.  And after having read this thing, it still doesn’t interest me. It seems so stressful and competitive. But, I definitely have a better understanding of how TV is produced now having read it.

SNL Saturday Night Live book

600 pages

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this book to anyone, unless you are a diehard SNL fan.  I can’t say I am.  In fact, I gave up TiVOing it a while back, cause I am not a fan of the current cast.  But from what I’ve read, the show’s popularity and ratings go through waves…. and since the show is virtually indestructible now (30 years and counting) I am sure it will be back on top soon and I’ll feel compelled to watch it again.  Equally amusing is that when I was in the middle of reading about something that happened on the show, I could youtube or hulu it and watch it for a sort-of firsthand account.  Not sure I’d have been able to do that 7 years ago….

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