#87- Ain’t I crafty?

Like every other wine connoisseur and aficionado, we collect our wine corks like trophies of accomplishments. For me, they seem so easy to recycle yet nowhere have I come across a place that gladly accepts wine corks. I’ve seen tons of crafty things done with them, however, and one such idea was passed along to me by my friend Janine after she read my list  (#87- do something with this ridiculous wine cork collection we have) and then scoured pinterest in an effort to help me out (right? haha!).

I really liked the idea she forwarded me-  A large wood cut-out of a letter to be filled in with wine corks.  Easy enough!

Thanks to Bryan, for lending me the wood saw ‘thingy.’ Thanks to Dave for helping act as a saw horse.  Thanks to Blake for cutting the N and much thanks to Natalie for sorting our corks 🙂

The process reminded me of how many wines we’ve actually enjoyed, with the most frequent names being Mt. Aukum and other wineries from Amador County.  We lived there for so long, I started to miss the scene.  We were wine club members of multiple wineries there, of course wanting to support local business 🙂

We still have quite a few corks left over. Maybe once the collection builds back up, I might try to spell out the entire last name, or just do our other initials. IDK.

3 thoughts on “#87- Ain’t I crafty?

  1. That is really cool!! Your dad would love that as a Christmas present I bet my mom would even donate the corks!!

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