#45- a tribute to my youth

Growing up, camping was always a lot of fun for me.  But I think I may have grown out of camping when I realized how much EFFORT it takes to pack for camping. Before, my mom would spend the day packing everything while we were at school and then when my Dad got home we’d hop in the truck and go. So easy, so responsibility free. Then I tried doing it myself a few times with friends and I would forget this, forget that. I wouldn’t have the right equipment or tools to do this or do that. Ugh.

One of the places I recall camping at one time, however, is Lake Solano. Not far from Winters, I remember it being just really nice and quiet and refreshing. As I made my list, I was thinking of how to spread some activities out, and what would be something I’d really want to do during the summer? Would I want to camp?  No. Especially not when I am pregnant. But, I would want to cool down by the lake like I use to.  Would I want to go it alone? No.  I figured, Lake Solano would be a perfect mini-destination spot and dragging one of my oldest girlfriends along with me would make it all the more enjoyable, so #45- Sit on a raft in Lake Solano with Lisa made my list. Hanging out on the lake or the river was something I did a lot in my teen years.

Lake Solano was perfect the day we went (Saturday).  As we started heading out there, with the sun literally baking us and our cars, I was afraid the place would be way too crowded with people looking to cool off as well.  But for whatever reason, it was relatively quiet.  There were a few groups, but spread out enough that it didn’t matter, and a lot of people left after we got there.  By the end of our day, the Lake was empty.

The water was FREEZING cold. Wading around in the water with Natalie not even blinking at the coldness reminded me of how easy it was when I was a kid to jump into a lake, to be fascinated by the small fish swimming around and the clear water that gently pulled at your legs as the current drifted by.

Natalie & Kaitlynn spent a good amount of time playing in the mud, making “boyfriends” with their shovels and buckets. And Lisa and I spent a good 2 or 3 hours gossiping about life’s problems. It was so nice.

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