#47- The Mission in Santa Barbara

Who doesn’t remember the Mission project in 4th grade?  I actually think it was one of my more fun projects and still remember how I built mine from scratch- no kits- using stuff I found around the house.  Pretty pleased with my results.

I have never visited a mission.  When I was considering things that California is known for and where and how I wanted to spend some of my bucket list, missions got me thinking (#47).  And, from what I can tell, the Mission in Santa Barbara is I think the most famous for California…I think….

Santa Barbara is beautiful. But definitely a place I would never survive.  I speculate Santa Barbara is the place to go if you want to compete for having the most up-to-date fashion, expensive car, fake tan, body-fat ratio, etc.etc.

The Mission itself fits perfectly with the beauty of the area. Extremely well kept, landscaped perfectly and the historic aspect upheld.  They still hold church services, you can rent out the facility for conferences/retreats and you can even drop a few million dollars to be buried there in their cemetery.  I speculate being buried at the Mission in Santa Barbara would be the ultimate symbol of status in Santa Barbara.  Competition over.

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