#34- MOMA

How in God’s name do you explain to a child that this is art? I guess this artist “isn’t for everyone” but if anyone is drawn to this style, I can do it for cheap.

Sometime around the end of last year we were driving thru SF and passed the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  At the time something awesome was being advertised on the outside of their building, tho I can’t remember what, and I remember saying to Blake, “What is THAT place? I want to go there!” (#34 on my list).

After we spent the morning hiking John Muir Woods we grabbed some fruit smoothies and headed to SF MOMA for an afternoon of strolling through Artwork.  Blake was especially excited to view a new photography exhibit.

Natalie held up well, considering a 3 mile hike earlier

I personally was hoping for something a tad more interactive.  I really like the Sacramento Crocker Art Museum, which I have found to have a little something for everyone.  Perhaps it was not the week I should have gone to MOMA, but it’s not to say they didn’t have some breathtaking and/or fun pieces.

Didn’t I see this on Pinterest?

Probably the most “compelling piece” that baffled Blake & I and left us arguing over the purpose it served was a close up photograph a young boy urinating into a bowl. Along with the photograph was a narrative of how the photographer sent the photo in for “review” by a curator who agreed the photograph of the child was one of his most favorite.  So in short, we felt like it was a little piece of porn on display for pedophiles everywhere. But again, maybe we’re just not Photography Aficionados like so many on FB are.

Creeper Creeperton?Or capturing a sweet moment?

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