#31- Putting the Espresso Machine to Use

I’ve never been a coffee drinker.  I try, I really really try.  The smell of roasted beans is so yummy. I use to walk through Whole Foods in Sac and spend a good deal of my time sticking my head in the different barrels of roasted coffee beans and inhaling the fragrance like it was chocolate.  But somehow the yumminess has yet to translate to my palette.

When Blake & I got married, he was absolute about registering for an Espresso Machine. Which we then got as a gift, and there it has been on our kitchen counter ever since.  Blake knows how to use it. He makes Espressos, Lattes, Mochas, Hot Chocolate.  Anything.  One time, many years ago when I first started working at Borders, I was trained as a backup barista in the cafe “Just in Case”  …. which turned out to never once happen in my 7 years there.

So, it always bugged me just a little that I had this appliance in my kitchen I never learned to use. Not to mention I am married to someone who loves his morning espresso drinks, but rarely gets one -partially because I never have once helped out in that area.  This is why #31 (learn how to use my Espresso Machine) made the list.

But this is no longer the case!  One night, with prompting by my husband, I was given a full tutorial.  Coffee, Espresso, Lattes, Americanas, Mochas and Hot Chocolates are now apart of my repertoire, and Blake has been enjoying this for the past several days now. Mission Accomplished!

And, since we are on the subject.  Is It pronounced Espresso or Expresso? Cause I hear most people say “Expresso” even though when read correctly it’s “Esssssssspresso” …?

One thought on “#31- Putting the Espresso Machine to Use

  1. Let me tell you what is the most important ingredient to coffee drinks: froth. I have a frother thanks to Nespresso. Heaven. Easy. Love it. When you sail with Dharma, I will froth you 😉

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