#43- Baking Bread

Several years ago when I began to educate myself more and more on healthy eating and living and such, I was reading somewhere (tho it IS common knowledge now I think) that we really shouldn’t be eating anything with

-more than 5 things listed in its ingredients

-ingredients you cannot pronounce

-ingredients that are essentially man-made.  Like High Fructose Corn Syrup, Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, etc. etc.

While I’ve managed to avoid most of this for myself and my family, one thing that always tripped me up was bread.  How can something as simple as bread be made up of so MANY ingredients?  Granted, most of them were things I recognized but still…. did it really take that much to make a loaf of bread?  I suppose if you are a huge corporation looking to ship your breads all over the country and need lots of preservatives and such.

Well, as I contemplated this over the years I always thought to myself that one day I’d try to make bread myself.  REAL whole wheat bread. So #43 (successfully bake a loaf of bread) made my list.

My concerns were mainly that I wanted a loaf of bread that would truly hold up with a sandwich.  Nothing that would fall apart simply by cutting it, or would be too moist, too dry or anything else.

I was surprised how very easy this turned out to be.  The recipe I researched and used made me 5 small loaves.  Small, because I couldn’t find my regular-sized loaf pan, and wound up using my smaller (banana bread sized) loaf pans instead.  Not a big deal, we sent one with my mother and another with our neighbor, and since the fuel & feed in town closed early for the weekend, the farm animals got spoiled with one as well, since I didn’t get a chance to buy chicken feed. The other 2 we’ve been happily using first as toast for breakfast and then mini turkey & cheese sandwiches for Natalie- just the right size!  AND it held up!  So happy 🙂

The best part is that there was a total of 7 ingredients- Whole wheat flour, bread flour, yeast, butter, water, salt, and honey. I think I’ll start making our own breads now….

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