#3- When you want something done…..

For the better part of my life, my mother has been bugging to teach me how to sew. I’m not certain my aversion to it. I always had plenty of things to sew.  But I just made her do it, with me breathing over her shoulder and nitpicking at how she did the project.

More recently I’ve been more and more active in Natalie’s preschool, and being the hyperactive ECERS observer that I am, found there were certain things that were driving me batty.  One of them being the hallway where they kept their cubbies.

Trashbags for napsacks! You can see where this is headed…….

Of course I politely inquired about the use of trashbags.  Turns out there was no money in the budget to order fabric ones, which I know exist from my own past experience. But, the Director had burlap sacks she wanted to try out but needed to put through an industrial wash first to get rid of the loose strands and burlap smell. Initially I offered to take them home and do it myself, which I did do and ran through my own frontloader several times to no avail.  So THEN I thought I’d collect fabric donations from other parents and make the napsacks myself. I posted a sign asking for donations, but again I got nothing.  It all seemed to end there, despite the distress the  Director felt regarding the issue.

So…. I just decided to take care of it myself. I went to Walmart and bought yards of fabric on the clearance shelf ($1.00 per yard, 20 different yards). I figured it would be THIS that would propel me to finally learn how to sew, and cross one more task off my list (#3-have my mother teach me how to sew and make something).


Of course my mother was thrilled. Not to mention I couldn’t bring myself to demand she sew 20 napsacks herself. Usually the tasks I ask of her are a bit smaller. It was hard to bring myself to be interested at first. It seems that something like sewing should be SO much easier than it is.  And maybe it is, and my mother just has a crap machine.  I don’t know enough to know.  But, I can tell you that the machine broke down frequently, or there was frequently something wrong.  Like running out of thread.

Whatever it may be, I have to say that working with a machine that frequently stopped working only meant one thing:  I learned sewing inside and out, and learned to fix every problem that came up.  It’s like driving a crap car and having no choice but to learn how to fix it yourself so you can get to work.


So there you have it.  20 napsacks. I’m certainly not a pro now, but I have no desire to sew something fashionable.  For now, square bags are all I have in mind (pillows, bean bags, etc.) and for an audience that doesn’t care that there are no straight lines anywhere to be found 🙂

2 thoughts on “#3- When you want something done…..

  1. GREAT job!!! Sewing isn’t for everyone – my son is the only one of my kids who actually learned to sew – from a friend with a canvas shop!

  2. Thank you. I’m very pleased. And now a little bit anxious to get back behind the machine to sew pillows for her class too. And beanbags. I have lots of left over fabric given to me by my Sister in Law (who’s a pro).

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