#68 Mermaid Dreams

Ok, so I’m not going to sit here and say that the mermaid obsession is an “all Natalie” thing.  It started with her being curious about one she saw in a store, followed by Disney influences, then her halloween costume and when we were in Hawaii, she managed to weasel her way into owning 5 handmade cotton mermaid dolls, which at that point is when I think I took the obsession over.  I loved the mermaids she got in Hawaii, they are beautiful.

Seeing as when we moved to Half Moon Bay I let her Japanese-Cherry-Blossom Nursery theme fade away, I began thinking about what I would change her room into if her & I were to redecorate.  Mermaids seemed like a natural fit, not to mention I like the hard-to-find and more original design themes.

I also love mural painting, tho I do not claim to be professional in any sort.  I painted a lot of murals in the house I lived in in college, and seeing as this new house had a lot of blank white walls, it was only a matter of time before ONE of the walls got marked up by me.  I figured Natalie’s room would be most appropriate this time around, so #68 (Paint a mural on Natalie’s bedroom wall) made the list.

Does anyone find it amusing that Blake’s only request (and criticism) was that she be more anatomically incorrect? I guess I should have known that drawing a half naked woman on Natalie’s wall would illicit inappropriate commentary….

I’m not convinced I like her face.  It might be better off if I draw her with eyes closed.  But I like that I can add to this mural over time, if I wanted.  This took about a week, with an hour or so dedicated to it each evening.  I also bedazzled her with stick on jewels, for fun.  Natalie loves it so I am satisfied…. for now…. 🙂