#96- Welcome Home!

Without going in to my feelings about the war, or any combat abroad that our government sends our soldiers to do…. I will say that the news of any soldier making it home safely is something that always thrilled me.  I’d see news reports on TV and can’t help but get a little teary-eyed.

Some things I wish I were more passionate about.  Like supporting our troops.  I mean, I wish I took the time to participate in letter writing or sending packages and welcoming home soldiers when they arrive in SF or Sac. So, #96 on my list came to be when I saw a news report of a more recent homecoming. Last week, I read that San Mateo was welcoming home Soldiers since the Vietnam War, and this year was the 40th anniversary of this tradition, with a parade and all for the 101st Airborne Division. These troops just got home from Afghanistan, some going back in the Fall.

Natalie & I went to work painting some posters and I even went as far as to set my alarm (something I haven’t done in quite some time).  We parked ourselves down on Ellsworth Avenue in San Mateo this morning at 10:30 am and though I was still sleepy, it was invigorating and touching to see these soldiers march in a parade the city organized just for them.  We held our signs, cheered, clapped and lots of photographers thought Natalie’s poster was good enough to be a subject.

The Welcome Home Parade was a success, and it was great that the riffraff parade entries were kept at a minimum- I’d say probably 75% of the floats/cars/entries were all Veterans/Military related.



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