#23- My longest lasting friends

Minus siblings and cousins, if you asked me who my longest, most endearing friends are it would be Gina & Jessica. I met Gina in Kindergarten because we started the same Daisy Scout Troop together, and shortly after I was introduced to Jessica, who was her BFF from an even earlier time period.  The three of us attended Sunday School together, went to church camp together, and basically did the whole birthday party-slumber party- weekend playdate circuit for years. I wish I had better pictures, but the 80’s were a dark time for me…. meaning, no one knew how to work a flash on the camera and thankfully so as my mother thought a mullet on her 6 year old girl was perfectly acceptable.

Circa 1995, before teen angst set in…

Now, Gina has a family the size of a small country so over more recent years that has consumed most of her adult life and I don’t get jealous much.  I know we’re forever friends and she’ll do my hair if I call her receptionist and make an appointment.  Jess, on the other hand, is somewhat a nomad in my opinion and tracking her down has always been a yearly adventure for me (hence being my #23).  In High School, she lived down in L.A.  In early college she was back up here and we spent several weekends getting in to trouble together.  Then after that she moved back down South and while we chatted often, I saw her only once in this time period- and I was 7 months pregnant on a road trip to SD.

Quite clearly, I was the most innocent of the bunch….circa 2003



That was the last time I saw her until this past weekend. And here I am again, pregnant.  Jess, we’ve got to stop meeting like this. At least this time around she is living in Vacaville.

Me & my fat face, and Jess, minus her face.

We made the mistake of planning on Brunch on a day that was also Mother’s Day.  Mistake because, ummmm…. it is LITERALLY the day that everybody and their MOTHER are out at restaurants.

Regardless, it was a very nice visit. It’s always nice catching up with Jessica because she’s one of those true friends who can and will say anything, and doesn’t care if you do the same.  I think that as much as we tend to think all our girlfriends are those kind of girlfriends, that’s probably not the case.

I love you Jess, please don’t kill me for posting this photo…. I know we both look pretty awful 😉