#44- One thing I didn’t do….

#44 on my list was to enter my rubber ducky in the Huntington Beach Duck-A-Thon.

It really served no purpose on my list, and seeing as Obamacare is now mandated by the Supreme Court (Is that legal?) it might be a tradition that all together fades away in its purpose.  This is because the Fundraiser benefits AltaMed’s Huntington Beach Community Clinic, serving poor and uninsured.

I put it on my list because, I was quite obviously searching for something interesting and cheap and in California that seemed fun enough.  I guess technically, I could have still “purchased” a Duck to enter since I didn’t HAVE to be there in order for my duck to win.  But that wasn’t what I had in mind when I put it on my list.  I envisioned attending the large community event and watching the Duckies get dumped into the ocean off the pier anyway. Apparently, whose ever ducky is the first to make it back to shore wins the grand prize, and it’s quite a site to see so many Duckies floating in the water.  Like a sea of yellow or something.

But then Tori had a baby shower, Sophia celebrated her first birthday, Shannon was graduating from Sac State and I had a evening concert to tend to with a girlfriend.  All on the same day of this Duck-A-Thon.  So, really I knew where my priorities are…..  you’re welcome.

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