#71- Opening Day at the HMB Farmer’s Market!

Farmer’s Markets are lots of fun in my opinion.  I recently heard somewhere that the Davis Farmer’s Market is ranked number one in the country, which doesn’t surprise me.  Davis was my first exposure to a farmer’s market, many many many years ago.  I even coordinated a weekend field trip with my preschoolers to this Market, as I knew it would be an amazing time.

Half Moon Bay has a Farmer’s Market as well, and for various reasons I never got around to shopping it last year when we moved to the Coastside.  I felt so busy trying to keep up with everything else on the weekends that there was rarely a Saturday morning I had free to check it out.  Which is why it made #71 on my list. I marked on my calendar it’s opening day- May 5th and scheduled to even meet up with my friend Jamie there, as she would be in town visiting.

I’m really glad we went!  Really bummed I forgot my camera (hence iphone photos) but super excited to find Markegard Family Grass Fed products there.  After reading the Omnivore’s Dilemma, I had been meaning to do more research into finding local, sustainable, grass fed cows/ pigs/ chickens/ etc. and this family is it!  Only 10 minutes away from us, I feel like I hit the jackpot!

We’ll be back for sure, there is lots to do in addition to the food and it’s right in the center of town.  Makes for a perfect start to a weekend, strolling the farmer’s market before heading to the local coffee shop or beach for a sunny day.


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