#42- A Wood Sander, Finally

Modeling the unfinished product

Modeling the unfinished product

Quite some time ago, I found a small child’s bench on the side of a road and- although it may sound odd- I immediately saw potential in sanding it down and repainting it for Natalie.  Which I did do, but I used sand paper because neither I nor anyone I knew owned a sander and at the time I thought it was some pricey item that I didn’t want to invest in just for this bench (that may or may not have worked out).

Several years later, as we moved to Half Moon Bay a child’s wood chair popped up on the side of the road once again. It’s amazing what kind of crap is dumped or lost out the back of a truck.  But since I had enjoyed doing Natalie’s bench as much as I did and was pleased with the finished product, I once again saw potential in this small wooden chair.  I picked it up, brought it home to our new house and there it sat for a few months.  Because this time, I was determined to buy a Sander, especially after learning that it’s not that expensive, at least not the one I had in mind for simple projects such as this.

At around the same time, as I volunteered and spent some time in Natalie’s preschool classroom, I noticed they had no designated Music Area (a must for certain DRDP/NAEYC standards) yet they did have quite a few roughed up shelves that served little-to-no-purpose.  Being the hyperactive ECE Environmental Assessor I have been trained to be, I offered to take home the shelf, sand it, paint it and return it in an effort to create a music area for them.

Work in Progress

So #42 was put on my list and a Black & Decker sander was purchased soon after.  It also sparked a very dumb-blonde moment for me-  I pulled the thing out of the box, plugged it in and immediately took to the shelf.  For about twenty minutes I attempted to sand these things down to no avail. What was up with this velcro that refused to work?  I called up Blake, completely frustrated and pissed off and looking to place blame somewhere.

“Well, did you attach the sandpaper to the Sander?” He asked me calmly.

The New Music Area!

I looked inside the box and realized …. no…. I hadn’t.  Mortified, I politely apologized and  hung up.  Attached the sandpaper and a few minutes later had everything stripped of it’s paint/laminate/whatever crap was on it.

Natalie’s new chair 🙂

The other thing I am bad at is deadlines.  Granted, the music shelf I felt obligated to return to Natalie’s classroom ASAP but as far as the chair goes….. Maybe a month’s worth of work?  I only did parts at a time and a few days in I realized I didn’t like the pattern I chose for it.  But I stuck with it.  Not my most favorite,  but it’s done for now….

I do have other things I’d like to sand down and paint. It’s a very calming activity for me.  But I have a feeling other residents of my home are not to big on the idea of these things taking up space in our living area.  One day, I’m going to have my own office to spread all my activities out and not have to worry about putting everything away each night.