#50- Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Four years ago, shortly after I had Natalie and was cruising Myspace, I saw my High School friend Eric post pictures of his visit to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Washington.  I immediately went nuts!  I LOVE tulips!  There was nothing even remotely close to what the Tulip Festival was in Washington here in California and I decided right then and there that  this was one festival I needed to see.  I asked Eric for all the details, ordered their brochure and pegged it on my favorite pages on my computer, vowing to one day make it to Skagit.  And every year, around this time, I was a little resentful towards myself that another year was passing without me making my way up to Washington to check it out.  So, I thought if I put it on my list this year (#50) then SURELY I’d have a better chance of making it happen (I’m really starting to love my bucket list these days….)

I’ll save you a lot of details, mostly because I write about it in Natalie’s blog (click here if you must) but all these pictures are Blake’s and no, the photos don’t even start to do it justice.  Washington is BEAUTIFUL.  Thank you Eric for pointing us in the right direction!


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