#38- Updated! Girls Night Out!

I received an email today from Damon Chamberlain of StudioTHP / Frontside Films letting me know our Girls Night Out video was complete!

I love every second of it.  My only wishes are that I thought of this sooner, and that our best friend Heather (out in Minnesota) was also a part of it.

Not thinking I can post the actual video here, but here is a link:


Thank you Damon!  I am thrilled with the end result!!


Feb 20:

It may look like I’ve been neglecting my “list” since it’s the 20th of February and I’ve only posted one thing.  But I’ve actually several items that are works in progress.  What I have been neglecting, however, is charging my camera battery, adding to my lag in posting photos.

Before Yolanda arrived, and right before the camera died.

#38 is coming soon, to a YouTube channel near you.  Of course when it’s done I’ll post it here 🙂

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