#95- A Picture, A Moment I love

The picture itself isn’t that remarkable- but for me, it’s more about a time in my life when I was having an absolute BLAST with some great friends.  One of my goals was to find a picture I love and recreate it.  I spent a lot of time going through old photos, considering with each one how feasible it would be to recreate, or at least get close enough to, the original.  I didn’t want it to be too easy, but at the same time I wasn’t going to call on friends or family who lives cross country or invade a setting that is no longer accessible by the general public.

But I found one, and I sent a FB message to the girls in the photo- SURPRISINGLY I got responses back from all of them within hours, all saying YES YES YES! Let’s do this!  Even more surprising was this was only about 3 weeks ago, so to pull this many girls together so quickly was astonishing…. why haven’t we tried this sooner??



On to the story:

During my college years, I was part of a Latina Organization.  Ok, laugh!  But it wasn’t as crazy as it sounds.  It wasn’t random, and I wasn’t setting out to make any statements by joining.  Several of my co workers-turned-good-friends were Members of MAR and I found myself often attending their events, socials, fundraisers, parties, etc. etc. to the point where they were like, “Why don’t you just join?”  So I did. One of my most favorite decisions ever.

What was fun about today was piecing together just what led up to this original photo being taken.  We all had small memories of it.  I remembered it was after eating dinner at Round Table on Campus, Maira remembered it was dress shopping for Formal, Luz remembered it was because Teresa complained that she didn’t HAVE a dress for Formal, Nicole remembered we thought it’d be funny to pose with ugly dresses, and Emily thought she remembered it being after a fundraiser and we were shopping in a Thrift Shop… Way off! haha….

Eating Pizza, circa 2004

Lunch at Cheesecake!

Group shot

It's a girl for Emily!

She takes better photos than most professional Photographers I've seen on Facebook.

What was different this time around?  Well, besides aging 8 years, and the subtle changes Macy’s made to their dress department (tho not much change there) the only difference was Teresa being a party pooper and not being able to make it to take the picture again-  luckily fellow MAR member Amanda joined us.  I didn’t want to have to ask a stranger, and this way we took about a dozen shots trying to get angles and smiles just right.  We did extend the invite to all the Mujeres, but this event of ours was also sharing the day with Mike’s wedding.  And for those of you who were in MAR when we were in MAR know who Mike is….

I drove away from lunch feeling really sad.  I didn’t realize how much I missed these girls, even tho I see them on FB all the time, it of course isn’t the same.  I really do hope I see them a little more frequently.  There was mention of a MAR reunion, and seeing how easy this was to gather people together, it seems it could be done again on a larger scale.

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