#6- Tortillas, Part 1!

Part 1 because, I surprisingly have had two friends demand to be my teacher when it comes to the Tortilla Making goal (#6).  But first, a short story….

When I made my original top 30 bucket list back in, say, 2002 for a class- I had put “Learn to make tortillas from scratch” on the list.  For only one reason- I love Mexican food. Somehow throughout all the life changes this original bucket list kept finding its way back into my life (typically when I was organizing or cleaning out something) to which I would look the list over and say to myself, “Yes! Tortillas!  I MUST learn how to do this!”

Also important to note, during this time and for the past 10 years I worked with one of the sweetest little Mexican ladies who would regularly put “tortilla making from scratch” on her calendar of activities in her pre-school classroom. And I would just happen to be passing through her classroom on these days, declaring (in between bites) that “I MUST learn how to do this!”  And Alma would always respond with, “It’s so easy! Flour, water, blah blah blah etc. etc. etc.”  And I would always respond with, “But not now, I don’t have time. I need to do this in a kitchen! With a little sweet Mexican lady like yourself teaching me!” Never happened. Obviously.

Anyway, so I put this on my list once again and I immediately get messages from my Latina friends offering to teach me… I narrow it down to Ariana, who was persistent, and set a date. Corn tortillas, but my flour tortilla adventure will be with another girlfriend, on a later date.

Success!  The process is actually quite easy, at least, easy if you want to remain an amateur.  I am considering investing in a much larger tortilla flattener, since the one I have (and brought) was already something I acquired from when an old roommate left it behind when moving out and only makes the taco-size tortillas.  But my goal was always to have a sweet little Mexican lady teach me, and even tho Ariana is no Tia or Abuelita, she IS a total sweetheart for letting me invade her kitchen, and offering up her time.  Thank you chica!

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