#76- All is Right in the World

Cheesy as it may sound,  when I learned that my friend Nicola and her husband Ed were having a baby, my first thought was something along the lines of “this makes everything right in the world.”  Meaning, despite chaos…. hardships…. anger…. Nicola and Ed, I believe,  are excellent examples of living a Christian life, so hearing they were having a baby seemed to be God’s way of saying, ” I still bless people.” Does that make sense?  I know there are blessings out there everyday, but this was particularly joyous I think.

On my way to their home, once I jumped on Hwy 99, I found myself smiling.  I was so excited to meet this little girl (#76 on my list). I was excited to catch up with Nicola- it has been since Summer of 2010 that I last got to visit with her, and I was near depressed when I realized I couldn’t attend her baby shower- Nicola threw me one when I was pregnant with Natalie…

They think Lauriana is a serious baby, which makes me laugh because- although it’s true she seemed very focused & determined while I was there- it seems very opposite of Ed & Nicola themselves.

She was sizing me up

It was a great visit, I probably could have chatted with them for several more hours.   If only we were neighbors!  Lauriana didn’t cry or fuss once, which is impressive in my opinion.

True judge of character- She too, thinks I am crazy....

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