My Bucket List FAQ

I’ve been hit up with lots of questions about my list.

How did you even come up with some of this stuff?

When I originally made my list, in the first few days of January, some items were easy to think of… and others I was stretching a bit.  I spent a little time googling around with a few key words, trying to find some interesting things.  Some things on my list don’t thrill me entirely, but what does thrill me is the idea of challenging myself to do something different, and to gain a new experience I wouldn’t ever think to try. Like, attending a religious service for something other than the church I am use to.  My other source of ideas is the Ten O’Clock News.  We watch the news late at night, after Natalie’s in bed and I see a lot of crazy people doing a lot of crazy things. Some of that stuff made my list as well.  With other things, I just racked my brain of all those moments where I told a family member or friend, “Yes, let’s do that sometime soon.”  Well, this is the year.

What if you don’t accomplish everything on your list?  

It’s really okay with me if I don’t.  I’m not trying to make up excuses now for if I don’t finish every item.  I am extremely motivated to accomplish it all. But more than anything, I was just looking for a new way to have fun this year. There is no grand prize, no first place. Just my inner feeling of triumph.

Do you forget what’s on your list?

No. Not really. I printed out a hard copy that sits next to my desk, with some notes scribbled on it as far as when certain things are suppose to take place.  I review the entire list maybe once a week, and choose things here or there that seem like something I can do sooner rather than later.  I have lots of friends who text me throughout the day asking when I am doing a certain item and if they can join me.  Having others stay on top of me like that is also helpful.

So… what about the final five?

About that!  I have 3 of the 5 filled in now, still wanting suggestions from others! I do like all the ideas I get, even if I ultimately decide probably not to do one thing or the other.  Like, dressing up and being an Elf in that Festival with my friend Makenzie…… WOULD LOVE TO DO THAT…. but I need to be reasonable….. am I gonna have the time/energy/money/etc. to give up a weekend of my holiday season to get that done? Maybe one year… but not this one.   Anyway, here’s my 3:

95- Find a picture I love, and recreate it. – Thank you Tori Nelson for that suggestion!

96- Welcome home a soldier from the Middle East

100- This one is a secret, a big one, which is why it’s my final one. It’s actually been #1 on my list since I even began brainstorming, but I am purposely keeping it a secret for now.

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