#37- Fancy Tea with Fancy Friends

Tea Party! No, to state the obvious and qwell cheesy jokes, neither Sarah Palin nor Rand Paul where present at this tea party. Nor my younger brother, for those of you who know my family ( I really do try to distance myself from that, I swear).

A year ago, I went to a 4H fundraiser Tea with my Mom and Natalie at the Linde Lane Tea Room in Dixon.  I was more than pleasantly surprised.  I had heard it was fancy, but did not realize the extent of it’s fanciness.

I posted a picture of Natalie next to a giant tea cup, to which my friend Jen immediately responded with “OMG! I have to take Liv there!” and then I commented back that we should plan a tea party with the girls (#37 on the my list).  And that was pretty much the end of it.  But I never did stop thinking about it, because 1) I knew it would be fun and 2) I don’t typically say “Yes, Let’s do that!” unless I really mean it and then I feel guilty for as long as time passes and I DON’T do that.

And Jen & Olivia are just the perfect PERFECT friends to have a fancy tea with.  Olivia loves getting dressy, just like Natalie so the idea that these girls had to be ‘little ladies’ and wear the fancy necklaces with lace and flowers and bonnets, etc. I think thrilled me just as much as them (ok, probably a little more).

I am, by no means, a Tea person.  I like my Jasmine Fancy… but that’s typically as far as my tea requests go.  The one tea party I went to as a young girl was hosted by my girl scout troop, and that didn’t go so well for me because I didn’t have proper attire. Try showing up in a summer T-shirt and cotton shorts while the rest of your troop has white satin gloves, floral hats and polka-dotted dresses on with lace socks and see how out-of-place you feel.

Anyway, I am hoping this Tea Party is one that Natalie will remember with a smile.  The girls ordered the “Teddy Bear Tea” option with Apple Cinnamon Tea, and definitely had their fair share of sugar cakes and frostings.  Since it was a special event, I let it slide but really….. start with a scoop of sorbet and shortbread cookie as a palate cleanser  then after the small sandwich you serve kids with a frosted cookie, a chocolate scone and a cupcake with sprinkles?? Oh well : )

2 thoughts on “#37- Fancy Tea with Fancy Friends

  1. It really is a very wonderful place and Dixon is lucky to have it. The girls look like they loved their tea just as much as any grown up would have!

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