#83 – The Perfect Game

When Blake & I first began dating, around the Summer of 2005, I surprised him with a weekend trip to one of my most favorite places:  Stinson Beach.  It was a perfect weekend.  I remember the weather being nice, I had my Jeep with the top down, Blake had just passed his Paramedic Exam and the place where we were staying was this ‘quaint’ little bed & breakfast.  After a day snoozing on the sand, we walked into town to get some dinner.  I guess right around this time the power went out for the whole strip, and the restaurant Bartender invited us in, but let us know options would be limited.

We didn’t mind at all, and we found a spot to sit and I also spotted a Chess Board.  It was the best evening.  No power, no time limits, flowing drinks and a chess game that lasted forever it seemed.  Still one of my favorite evenings.  The sad part is, we never played Chess again.  Mostly because we didn’t have the game, and we never had such an opportunity present itself again.

When I was making my list of things to accomplish, I was thinking of times that made me happy and things I wish I could do again- Which is why #83 (Purchase Chess and challenge my husband) made the list.

For my birthday, I was gifted this Chess set- a leather, roll-up-n-go kit, which turned out to be perfect for traveling.  I don’t think I’m that in to chess to carry it with me where ever I go, but I like the idea of being able to…

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