#91- Melted

I’ve always been a big fan of crayons, wax, oil pastels and other similar mediums. In the preschool setting, it doesn’t seem like children like crayons as much only because markers give such a more clear and bright picture I suppose.  But this only left me with more crayons at my disposal to work with…. one of my most favorite being crayon melting during the hot Sacramento Summers.  My old bosses used to get their panties in such a bunch when an abandoned crayon was left out and subsequently melted onto parts of our concrete playground but I loved it.  It was bright, colorful and was an excellent lesson for the kids on heat and the making of crayons.

When I first introduced Natalie to the Canvas, it gave everything she did a more mature, classier look I think.  And I secretly have been wanting to do something for her, for fun on canvas, which is why it landed to #91 on my list- create some cool pieces of art for Natalie using melted crayons.  So today we brought out her pack of 96 crayola crayons, stripped every single one of them down out of their paper wrappings and set to work.

Now, this -as you can tell from the pictures- was more of a mommy-directed art activity, but seeing as it was so visually appealing to us both, the next round (I should have bought more canvas) is going to be all her doing. Can’t wait to have more fun with this.

We are both on a Mermaid kick right now.  I blame the near by ocean.  Believe it or not, I don’t own a hair dryer so I wound up melting the crayons on the stove top as we baked cookies (the morning activity)…. but I do think a Hair Dryer would give it some needed precision.  We are still very pleased with the end result!


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