#56- I miss this girl

I have a few distinct memories of my friend Talitha.

I remember how hard she always tried with a little boy in our Preschool Classroom who was really, just really not emotionally well. I’d see her with him sitting in her lap, consoling him and thinking that maybe she had an honest breakthrough with him. But the next day he’d be back to his psychotic, violent self. This happened almost every day.

I remember walking in our classroom on a Wednesday morning with a smile on my face and Talitha taking one look at me and shrieking, “Oh My God, let me see the ring!” It’s very much like her to take one look at me and know.  She knew he proposed and I never said a word.

I remember waking up one morning with Blake, having him ask me what I felt like doing that day and I said I wanted to go to Talitha’s wedding to Rudy.  Where was it at?  7 hours south of where we were.  We left, probably within the hour, drove all the way there and endured the most AMAZING Best Man Speech ever.  Was it recorded?  I hope it was. It needs to be posted.  But perhaps Talitha burned all evidence.  Let’s just say that because we opted to drive back home that night, the speech forced us to leave before dinner was even served.

Talitha is someone I adore.  For many reasons.  But since she lives down south now, I don’t get to see her too often. She does come up to visit family, and it’s been about a year since I’ve last seen her I think. But time with her is so valuable that if I have a Bucket list every year,  she’d always be on it.

We met at Bistro 33 in Davis.  I may or may not have been hungover, hence the oversized sunglasses indoors. And with my camera being dead from the night before’s escapades, I thank Talitha for letting me temporary adopt her iphone to snap some shots. She is the best!


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