#79- Wine Tasting for Schmucks!

Last weekend, Blake & I found ourselves in Sacramento (not an unusual thing by any means) and decided at the last minute to check out the Sugar Mill Wineries (#79 on my list).  The reason for putting this on my list was simple.

We’ve done extensive wine tasting in many areas throughout California and other states.  The best region in our area is by far Amador County.  We use to live a short 30 minute drive away, and I’d have to say that is one of the number one things I miss about Folsom.  Soooo so many great wineries, with no wine tasting fees and virtually tucked away from most tourists.  Unlike Napa.

But despite being in the Sacramento Area forever, we’ve never tasted at the Sugar Mill Wineries. Lodi, yes. South Sacramento? No.  I’ve always heard nice things about the Sugar Mill. Even drove past it a few times to visit friends in Courtland.

Anyway, as the name might give away, they have taken an old sugar mill and recreated it to house tasting rooms for 8 different local wineries.  Sounds ideal!

Our problem?  Unknowingly pulling in to the parking lot on one of their busiest, heavily promoted days:  The weekend before Valentine’s Day Port Wine & Chocolate Celebration.  Which is why I title this, Wine Tasting for Schmucks.

Only amateur, idiotic wine tasters would purchase tickets for something like this.  It was like 8 different nightclubs, fighting for a dash of wine and having each stop being EXTREMELY frigid on the chocolate.  Rightfully so. It was full of douchebags taking their uncomfortable second-date girlfriends out, single women looking to celebrate GAL-entine’s Day, and your typical trashy winos who like to go just to add to their collection of souvenir wine glasses, get drunk then head outside to fall all over eachother while trying to ‘dance’ to the live ‘blues’ music.

We would have kept driving, but since we aren’t locals anymore and we made it a point to clear our afternoon for it, we decided to brave the event.  It was ultimately ok.  The wine was so-so, mostly. We did wind up purchasing a   2010 Zinfandel from Todd Taylor Vineyards.  Very nice stuff.

It seemed like a place I’d like to enjoy, any day of the week but this day. It was a very nice place, though somewhat gimmicky and designed for special events & weddings. But whatever.  It was cool.