#72- From one Preschool Teacher to Another

Love this woman!

As I drove over to visit my friend Tori at her Preschool (#72 on my list), I began reflecting upon my friendships that I continue to maintain since resigning from the Children’s Center a year and a half ago.  I taught there for over 8 years, and gave it my heart and soul. The friends I’ve gathered from my time there all seem to have this same thing in common, and is the same thing that keeps me in close contact with many of them.  Tori, like me and my girlfriends from this place, were all about teaching and loving every family that came through our classroom.  We were in the business of being preschool teachers, looking to be real with everyone we worked with and didn’t spend any time kissing anybody’s ass.

Which is why our boss didn’t like her (nor most of my friends from that place), but I love Tori.  Tori didn’t bake muffins to win herself a job, sleep half her job shift away, spend her day hiding from doing any real work and nor did she pretend to be a “yes ma’am” kind of worker.  You’d be surprised, but this is what the majority of the lead staff at our old place do with their time. Am I bitter?  A little.

We worked side-by-side in “Preschool D” and had a fucking BLAST doing what we did and doing it well.  Parents lined up to book her for babysitting, much more often than I ever was called. So when she left, I was so sad. And when she told me about her new adventures at her new preschool, I knew I needed to come visit to check it out.

Blown away by how awesome her Center is

What I wasn’t expecting was how amazing PHENOMONAL her center is.  Being at the Children’s Center for as long as I was, we were kind of brainwashed into a certain degree of arrogance, thinking we were just the Cat’s Meow when it came to child care.  But this place where Tori works put our old workplace to shame.  I was floored just by the security measures to get IN to this place.  Then, the ambiance, the decor, the lay out, the outdoor space, the qualifications, the diversity proudly put on display. I walked around with my jaw dropped.  Seriously- if you live or work in Sacramento, talk to me and I’ll tell you where it is. Tori has been here for 5 years, so I feel like a really bad friend for not visiting sooner.  Perhaps if I had, I would have put in a resume!

Not an amazing photo, but a great idea from Tori that I am stealing.  Visiting with her for the short hour I was there reminded me of how much I love her, and admire her for her love for the job.  While there are a ton of preschool teachers out there, it’s not too often you find one with as much passion, sensitivity and energy as her. 🙂

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