#1- A 4,000 Piece Wall Decor

#1 on my list of things to accomplish this year was to complete a 4,000 piece puzzle.  Because, the box containing a 4,000 piece puzzle was staring me in the face after arriving in our home as a Christmas present. Puzzles are time consuming, and frustrating.  To me, however, they have always been therapeutic. It’s very easy for me to zone out and focus on puzzle pieces.  Some of my most fond memories growing up is working on puzzles with my grandmother when visiting.

I once did a 5,000 piece puzzle when I was 16 that hangs in my Dad’s rec room.  It took me several months and I was worried that if I started this puzzle now, it would also take me several months and there was a possibility the puzzle would lose pieces along the way due to a unnamed 3 year old in the house. The difference from when I was 16 to now, however, is that at 16 I had a lot more going on with school, sports and social life than I do today.  I spent about an  hour each day, usually before Natalie woke up and after she fell asleep, for the past 3 weeks working on this thing.  I learned a few things along the way.  For example,

Russia, like the country itself, was a bitch to put together.

My rusty knowledge and recall of World History in Jr. High with Ms. Rumsey finally found its purpose.

I was somewhat accurate just with reading place names on a puzzle piece and thinking “hmmm. that sounds African”

There are literally islands in the middle of no where that have names. And U.S. Military bases on them.  Now that I have global satellite capabilities, I was able to zoom in and count missles just like any one of our allies.

I occasionally developed anxiety thinking about all the OTHER places I need to visit and things I need to do before I die.

So there you have it.  4,000 pieces. 3 weeks. NO help at all. It is now glued, mounted, and on it’s way to hanging in our office. And we are back to having actually family dinners at the table again.

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