#86- Baking Brownies from scratch

I do enjoy baking.  I’m not like my friend Lindsey who is a pro, but someone gave me a tip about baking many, many years ago that has pretty much made it so that I have never mess up a batch of cookies or anything else ever since.

The tip? Baking is a science, not an art. At least, the baking part is.  One part that makes Lindsey as popular as she is is the art.

Most people try to take short cuts or make substitutes. If I’m missing the right amount of the right ingredient, I already know that it’s not going to work. Basically, when a recipe calls for shortening- don’t use margarine.  When a recipe says two tbsp. baking powder, don’t make it one. Is it imperative that you sift the dry ingredients first before slowly adding it to the wet ingredients? YES.  Why do your cookies always look fried and burnt around the edges?  Cause you didn’t soften that butter and throughly mix it with the sugar before adding the eggs. What’s that?  You like to add more vanilla cause you like the flavor?  Bad choice.

Ok, anyways-  so one thing that kind of always bugged me about brownies is that they are ALWAYS out of the box and I’ve yet to come across a cookie swap that didn’t have brownies with burnt edges that came from a box.  What was my excuse for using a boxed recipe?  Well, my excuse is that I don’t typically eat brownies as it is and the times I’ve made them, it’s because Blake brings home a box hoping I’ll bake him up a batch of his favorite fatty snack dessert.  So when I was making my list of things to accomplish and I was thinking about all those things I say I’m gonna do one day- baking brownies from scratch made the list.

And I’m glad I did.  Never tasted a better brownie EVER.  And NO burnt edges.  Your welcome.

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