#67- Does this parade count??

I had no idea waking up this morning that I would accomplish one of my goals before lunch.  When I arrived at Natalie’s preschool, they were just getting ready to begin their Chinese New Year Parade.  It was suppose to be yesterday,  but the weather didn’t cooperate. #67 on my list is to be in a parade, and while I didn’t really envision this…. it was still too cute to pass up.  The Kiddos walked main street with their homemade ‘dragon.’  Plenty of folks came out of the shops to clap and cheer for them, and the Half Moon Bay Review snapped this photo….


The children scored some chinese good luck tokens and money being handed out by one of the merchants, so naturally that was the highlight of the whole thing.  Perhaps I will try to still be in a BIG parade, but really I’m not entirely sure my motive for putting it on my list originally.  I can say, I was watching the news as I created my list so maybe there was something in the headlines about a parade that inspired me to add it.

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