#93- Like something out of a Harry Potter Movie

This is how I describe the candelabra tree found along the Candelabra Trail. Over the summer when we had first moved to the Coastside, Natalie and I attended a “campfire circle” at Butano State Park.  During the Campfire, a slideshow presentation on what could be found in the park included a fuzzy picture of what seemed to be a mammoth of a redwood tree.  The Ranger hosting the Campfire INSISTED the picture didn’t do it justice, that it was likely an 8th wonder of the world (or at least, of California) and it was worth hiking 2.Something miles to see.  While she was hosting the exact hike the next morning, I didn’t feel like setting my alarm clock so I opted to put it here on my list instead.  I mean, it’s so close to where we live I couldn’t live with myself if I never took the time to go check it out.

On Yer Marks... Get Set.....

P.S. This sign here says “Candleabra”  Which just didn’t set right with the spelling-bee winner in me.  After Googling it I see that the correct spelling is in fact Candelabra.  But….anyway……Along the way, there were lots of the typical, yet still fascinating sights…. Banana Slugs, Mudslides, Psychedelic mushrooms, and NEWTS!  Never seen them before so it was cool for a second. We spotted a total of 6.


So here’s the Tree, which Natalie claimed was an Alice In Wonderland Tree, whereas I thought it resembled the Whomping Willow Thing from Harry Potter.

The Candelabra Tree


To give you a good idea of how BIG this tree really is, and to pose for a cheesy photo Op, here’s us stretching the length of the tree:

See how big? Not me, the tree.


And one more before we head onward on the trail….

I called it fun, Dr. Alison called it Spinal Injury.

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