#59- It’s the Great Artichoke!

I really had no other reason to put this on my list of things to do other than it seemed like a silly and fun touristy thing to do. The World’s Largest (sculpted) Artichoke resides in Castroville, which is not too far from us and along the way to our favorite California Hot Spot:  Monterey.

But, I suppose I could write a short story on my relationship with Artichokes: When I was a child, my Dad grew artichokes in our backyard.  I always liked them, tho rarely with mayonnaise. I remember feeling special one time at school because I was the only kid who knew that artichokes grew on plants similar to bushes.

The place that houses the Artichoke, from the outside looking in, seems at first to be an appealing Farmer’s Market type place, but upon closer inspection it’s nothing worth stopping for.  Unless you are easily amused by fruit shaped displays of fruit.

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