#48- Pho King says what?

In all my years around Sacramento, I’ve seen a gadozen vietnamese “PHO” Restaurants, always assuming it was pronounced…. pho.  Blake insisted to me yesterday that I was wrong in my phonetics and it’s actually pronounced “Fuh.” So as we pulled up to the Pho (“Fuh”) King Vietnamese Restaurant in Monterey, I was baffled that this joke could have gone so long over my head. (Please let me know if I need to sound it out for you slowly…. or, please let me know if my husband pulled another fast one over me).

I’m not sure why I had an aversion to Vietnamese food for so long. Maybe I can blame Anthony Bourdain for eating out of a back alley street dump with no Public Health stamps of approval and showing how the food is killed & prepared.  Maybe I can blame the fact that I had no tour guide helping me through my first time.  When Blake saw my list tho, he was put out that I had never tried Vietnamese food before, why I don’t know considering we’ve been married for 6 years and he’s never once suggested it or gone to a Pho King restaurant in our time together.

I wanted the most Vietnamese item on the list, which was kind of hard to find cause most of the items looked a lot like chinese food.  I wanted the Spicy Basil Stir fry, but the waitress really worked at talking me out of it so I went with the Garlic Chicken Stir Fry instead & Blake ordered the Pho. Both were delicious, but I think I need to go back a few more times to appreciate all the flavors of Vietnamese food.

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