#69- Mother of all Co-ops

I figured, if there were a food co-op worth checking out, it would be the one in SF. I love Food Co-ops, much more than I love Whole Foods.  Anyone who shops Whole Foods might have trouble understanding this, as I do believe I’m not the only one who thinks Whole Foods is the Disneyland of the Culinary world.  But I love Food co-ops because they are in the business of being local, staying local and promoting local without much thought of how cozy and fluffy we feel when strolling the aisles.  In fact, I can’t say we strolled these aisles at all as it was so damn crowded with people and products AND on top of that, we were bitched at by the cashier for having 17 items in the 15 items or less express lane.  Now that is quality.

The Rainbow Grocery Food Co-op in San Francisco is amazing for these reasons.  Organic, self sustaining, local.  Supported and ran by its own customers and farmers.  No middle men, no corporate bullshit.  And no tolerance for people with more than 15 items.


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