#20- A Beautiful Day at the SF Zoo

Visiting the SF Zoo was put on my list for a few reasons.  Mainly, I am in constant awe of wild animals and how insanely cool and different they each are from each other.  I mean, a giraffe? A hippo? An alligator? A Snake? A Flamingo? So Awesome.

Then, the SF Zoo has been in the news recently first for the escape of one of their tigers- again, awesome- and then the stealing of Banana Sam. Then, I was thinking I don’t think I’ve ever even BEEN to the SF Zoo.  Done deal, had to go.  And it’s kind of a nice family day trip.  Natalie was just as amused as I was.  Blake & I were talking about how the only thing we would change is maybe adding some espresso shots to the animals diets, as it seems so many of the animals are just chillin’ in the sun and have no desire to perform.

But, the Hippo gave us some great entertainment with a water aerobic routine, we got to hear the Lion AND Tiger roar, and the Gorillas were taunting and beating eachother up when we came by. Good stuff.

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